Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cat Lady, Zelinsky style....

So, since you guys weren't so familiar with Paul O. Zelinsky, I asked Robyn if it'd be okay if I just took over the whole week to give you the scoop on him.  (Before I get any further, his best, most well known, and my favorite stuff of his are his fairy tales which we'll be sharing on Friday.) 

But today, I have a little something for my crazy cat ladies. The Story of Mrs. Lovewright and Purrless Her Cat is written by Lore Segal and illustrated by our friend Paul..
Here's Mrs. Lovewright. She's a chilly person, all the time, despite her best efforts to get cozy. But you know what would help, a kitty. (You guys know how she feels, right?) One who could sit on her lap and purr.

Enter adorableness...

But the cat has other plans. (From what I hear this sort of manic behavior is fairly common in cats?)  Anyway, there will clearly be no lap sitting and no purring.

Mrs. Lovewright figures the cat is just pretty much evil...but apparently it doesn't have a problem with everyone.
 (Other readers, please excuse this side note, but I just have to point something out to Melissa. Look! The cat hates the lady but cozies up to the red haired man.)

Anyway, Mrs. Lovewright has had enough.
 But, eventually she lets the cat back in. Perhaps its the crazy cat lady in her or perhaps its the deafening YOWLING outside her door.

In the end, they work something out.
 Though you should know that the arrangement does not include any lap sitting or purring.  Pretty funny.  Possibly very true? You tell me.
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