Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Wreath A Thankin'

Did you get that title? Read it fast. Wait let me guess, so funny you forgot to laugh. (Remember saying that as a kid?) Anyway, can you believe that Thanksgiving is like 2 weeks away? Where did the year go? Actually, and I blame the stores for this, but right after Halloween I sort of go into Christmas prep mode. Mentally I am like trying to plan and organize and secretly purchase and figure out what everyone wants without having to come right out and ask them.

This year though, for some reason, I have really been wanting to put up the decorations. But, I don't want to invite any winter like weather, you know? Just because I have my Christmas stuff out doesn't mean I want it to be snowing everyday or something. So I haven't gotten it out yet, so as not to send a mixed message.

Actually, I usually like to embrace the fall for as long as possible (did you hear that old man winter-- fall! For as long as possible). So we spend November doing thankful-ish, fally stuff. Well, stuff like making a hand print wreath.
I am pretty much crazy for anything with my kids hand prints on it. Especially thick, painty hand prints, I really love those.

After the prints dried I cut them out and we set to work on the wreath.  It's so SO simple, just a piece of cardboard box cut into a square shape, with a square hole in the middle.
The kids helped with the gluing process, though I wielded the glue gun.  They were very into where their hand prints should be placed. It was fun and I think it came out pretty cute, too. 

As far a Thanksgiving books, I don't have too many of my own, though I tend to be a sucker for the ones having something to do with the Macy's Parade, which I LOVED as a kid. Anyway, I checked out a few Thanksgiving titles at the library last week and here are two I liked from the bunch.
Thank You, Sarah is a cute and very different, historical look at Thanksgiving.  Its the tale of how one woman fought to preserve the holiday. It's really a cool and inspiring story with fun illustrations!

Thanksgiving at the Tappletons'  is the story of a Thanksgiving day that just won't go right.  Luckily, in the end, the characters realize the most important part of Thanksgiving isn't a perfect dinner.

Okay friends, I'm gonna go embrace fall while I can! We are supposed to have a serious snowstorm very soon and I am really really dreading it! Maybe the weather guys will be wrong, wouldn't that be nice?

Happy reading!
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