Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Crazy Cat Lady's Book!

Hi! Did you guys see Robyn's adorable cat nap photos yesterday?  Well, whenever one of us posts something not in the bookish realm, or totally off the wall, but still in the bookish realm (the off the walls ones are always me if you're wondering) we text the other person an apology the morning the post goes up.  Seriously, it's what we do-- an unspoken rule of sorts.

Anyway, yesterday Robyn sent me the sorry text about the cat nap post and I was like, "WHAT? That was adorable! And so so perfect because I have been wanting to share the crazy cat lady book!"  So crazy cat ladies, gather round! This book is for you!
A Job for Wittilda is about a witch named Wittilda. She's out of work...she's got all these cats...it's real tough keeping milk in the bowls if you know what I mean.
She's tried jobs...they never seem to work out... the cats are there for her though, all 47 of them. (Thank goodness Kitten doesn't have this many cats napping on her!)
When your cats are checking the fridge and helping you read the classifieds, you know times are tough. But, Wittilda spots about a job that just might work.  She grabs the broom (the ad says must have own transportation.)
Success! Despite a little bit of turbulence, she delivers before the other candidates (really, she does).  And, not only does she bring home the bacon (Canadian bacon?) She's found another new furry friend too. Why not make it a nice even 48? That's what any good crazy cat lady would do, right?

 Whether you are a crazy cat lady, or you just happen to blog with one, this is a book to add to your library list.

Ciao and meow!
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