Friday, October 19, 2012

Play dough and Chris Van Allsburg?

You bet, two of my favorite things! And today they both have the flavor of fall. Hooray! I know that everyone, everywhere-- and yes I literally mean every single person I have ever met says this, but I LOVE FALL!! And, one of my favorite fall books is The Stranger by Chris Van Allsburg.

 It's so great!  It's got the Van Allsburg signatures: fantastic illustrations and air of mystery.  Summer is fading, fall's on the way, but all of that seems to stop when the stranger arrives. Mmmm, peculiar wonderfulness ensues.

Now then, have you been going out in a sweater and soaking in the colors and crispness before winter rears it head? We have, in fact for a while there we didn't even need a sweater! Notice the sparkly shoes? I'm in trouble come winter because Cuteness thinks they match every outfit and are appropriate for any occasion...I may be coating her snow boots with glitter here in a month or so.
(My, the coloring in that photo above is pretty horrible! Sorry!) Anyway,we collected leaves, pine cones, chestnuts, sticks...the treasures of autumn, basically. Then we came home and had some fun with them and a big batch of glitter play dough. (Hmmm, I've been doing a lot of glitter stuff lately...perhaps I am the one to blame for her obsession with the sparkly shoes.)  Here's a peak at some of the creations...
How much do you love her little tongue out? Jamming those chestnuts into her glob of play dough took some serious concentration!  So cute!  Since this activity, I've been on the look out for acorns to add to the play dough fun.  (I have seriously been driving super slowly around heavily treed neighborhoods looking for oaks...people probably think I'm a stalker or something.  Don't worry folks, I'm just stalking the foliage!)  What are you doing with your fall treasures?

Happy colorful crispy fall!
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