Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Modge Podge Pumpkins (aka: glue fest 2012)

You know how I am always getting good ideas from my sister-in-laws-- wait, that should be sisters-in-law, yes? Well, I've got another sister-in-law special for you today (from yet another sister-in-law. Oh my! Perhaps this post should have been called the many sister-in-laws of Whit OR how many times will she say sister-in-law in one paragraph.) So, the good idea, let's get to that!
So cute and simple and fun and HELLO glue!  My sister-in-law made hers with the bigger foam pumpkins.  She used scrapbook paper to cover them, and even monogrammed one!  Then she placed them on candlesticks and used them as a lovely fall centerpiece. (I was hoping to have a picture of them for you, but for now you'll have to use your imagination.)

We paint little pumpkins every year, but I thought this might be a new fun thing to try.  I'm not sure if the real mini pumpkins would tolerate the glue, so I kept my eye out for mini foam ones and when I found them we got our glue on!
  Because we were using small pumpkins I cut the paper in more manageable sized pieces before hand.  Originally I had planned to have the girls use only one pattern per pumpkin but when we got started I thought, what's the fun in that? Let's go wild! So, we did. Also, there was some very cool Halloween themed paper available, but we opted for a more fall-ish color scheme so we could keep them out longer.
And behold, the glue fest!  I think the combination of stiff paper and tiny pumpkins required more glue than normal.  While we were up to our elbows in modge podge I realized maybe tissue paper might have been easier to press into the tiny pumpkin pleats. So if  you do this with mini pumpkins keep that in mind.  We used our fingers a lot to really shape the paper to the pumpkins. It was fun, and very sticky.
As you can see the girls had a great time mixing and matching prints. (And cutting, of course, what child doesn't love cutting?) After they were finished, I pressed down any stubborn paper edges and hung them by the stems to dry. I think they turned out pretty cute!

And, if you need something to do while your pumpkins dry, how 'bout a book or three...

How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? is part science and part hooray for the little guy.  I've been wanting to do our own seed counting research since the first time I read this book (like 4 years ago.)  If this is the year, I'll let you know what we find out.

Seed, Sprout, Pumpkin, Pie is a National Geographic book giving info about growing and using pumpkins.  What really blew me away are the seriously cool pictures of all, and I mean ALL sorts of different pumpkins. It shows a picture of a guy using a pumpkin as a boat! That's a big pumpkin!!

Pumpkin Town! Or, Nothing Is Better and Worse Than Pumpkins is a great little story about some pumpkin growing brothers who chuck their old seeds down the hill and don't give them another thought until the town below begins to grow more and more orange. It actually made me think of Robyn's kids and their pumpkin fun. I wonder what happens to all the seeds they choose not to save.

You know what? All this pumpkin talk has me seriously craving some pumpkiny treats!  A pumpkin smoothie or shake would really hit the spot! What's your favorite pumpkin treat? I don't know why I'm asking, I'll just be wanting to eat all of those things too.  I better hurry and figure out where I put my will power before the holidays arrive!

Happy Reading!
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