Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Leaf Collages

Aren't changing leaves the most beautiful thing ever?
We took a bag with us on our tromp through the woods two weeks ago and filled it with leaves.  When we got home I put them all in our flower press (we have a gigantic one, actually it belongs to my dad... I have a little one of my own as well).  Do you have a flower press?  Or maybe a large dictionary?  (If you use a book, remember to place the item you are pressing between two sheets of paper.)  I highly recommend pressing leaves (and flowers) before using them in an art projects.  It increases the longevity of the art, helps the leaves remain bright/keep their color and makes them much easier to work with.

Here they are.  We pulled all those leaves out of the press yesterday morning.
Then we made leaf collages.  For our art show.  Remember how my kids are putting on an art show?  I'll tell you who remembers- my kids remember.  Everyday the pester me about what art we're doing next.  And if I ever complain to Trapper, he tells me my kids are what I made them.  Project maniacs, just like their mother.

Last fall Whitney posted a similar activity.  It corresponded with the Lois Ehlert book, Leaf Man (it's a great post, you should check it out!).  Here's miss Kitten using Whitney's recommended gluing technique.
Oh, and I wanted to show you that I'm date stamping my kids art now.  I got that idea right here (thanks Vanessa).
Isn't this composition by Bibs just fantastic?  I really really love it.  The colors, the sizes, the contrast.  Very well done I say.  I'm thinking it will do well at the 'art show'.
 Here's the lot of them.
Awesome autumn art.  Agreed?
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