Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

 Spooky art work anyone?  Have you done this?  All you need is:
1: Ink
2: Straw
3: Paper
Drop some ink puddles on the page then BLOW!  The result is all kinds of fun and spooky looking art work!  See...

I really love the trick-or-treaters, skeletons, owls, monsters & ghosts the boys added to their ink creations!  This was a big hit!

Now... I must gear up for the donning of costumes and the inevitable disagreements about the appropriate amount of candy consumption for all of my children (but especially for the diabetic one... sigh, I'm already worn out just thinking about it.)  BUT... Hooray for costumes! Hooray for great photo opportunities!  Hooray for Halloween!

(Do you have a special trick I should know about for limiting sugar intake on days like today?)

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