Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bone Soup, turned: clean up your garden soup

I blogged about Bone Soup by Cambria Evans last year.  I'm doing it again.  This is a year round read for our family.  Miss Kitten took a particular shine to it over the summer.  She couldn't get enough.  It really appeals to me too.  Maybe because I like things that are on the edge of creepy.  I like to be spooked.  I like those things when they're fun.  That's exactly what they are in this book.  Nothing down right creepy but the main characters include a zombie family, a witch, the beast, a mummy, and a little werewolf.  I'm sure you're familiar with the story line... since it's a parody of 'stone soup'.
Here we see the finished soup ready to eat (with moldy cheese and bread, of course).  This is certainly the favorite spread from the book for my kids... all those delightful ingredients.

The closest my kids ever actually get to making bone soup of their own is when they forage ingredients outside and create fantastic concoctions... one of their very very very favorite games to play.

Here's Miss Kitten making soup while I was beginning the job of cleaning out our garden spot.  It's been a couple of weeks since the first hard frost and everything that's left must be fed to the sheep, or the birds... or made into 'soup'.

Keep in mind she was continually singing "I'm making soup, I'm making soup, I'm making soup... I'm making soup, I'm making soup, I'm making soup..." if you're wondering, it was adorable.

Now the soup's sitting on our front porch with our pumpkins... because, you need soup to decorate for Halloween!?!  Of course!  (Also it makes easy access for Kitten to be able to continually work on the soup which equals never ending fun.  It's going to take me a while the clean out that garden spot anyway...)
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PS I must add that Melissa did a wonderful concoction making post over at One Perfect Day a while ago.  I loved it!  The perfect twist of my post today if you don't have a garden spot you're clearing out.

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