Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Pop Up Book + Glitter...

What more could you ask for? Really?  Oh, I'm throwing Halloweenish-ness in there too! (And pretend words, because I love those.)  All your wishes are about to come true I'm sure...

Mommy? is a collaborative effort between Maurice Sendak, Arthur Yorinks, and Matthew Reinhart (one of Robyn's favorite pop up guys). It's fun and cute and clever and monstery. I like it!

It's about a baby looking for his mommy, but he keeps finding grouchy monsters instead.

However, he knows how to deal with them. (In the above case, it's by de-pants-ing them...or pants-ing them? I've never been real clear on the terminology there, but de-pants has always made more sense to me-- so NOT the point!)

The book? It's silly, not scary.
And his mommy turns out to be someone so fitting and clever. It's not the mummy, by the way, don't let the picture above fool you.  I got this at my library and the copy has clearly been loved by many children, but is still in remarkably good shape. Hooray!

Now, how about some glitter! Have you ever used cookie cutters for printing?  This is along those same lines, but instead of dipping the cookie cutters in paint you dip them in glue.

(I used a mix of modge podge and regular white school glue-- so that is was thick enough to hold to the cutter without dripping, but liquidy enough to be spread around the plate.)
After the kids print to their heart's content then they get to glitter it up! Oh yeah!  (By the way, if I remember correctly, these plastic Halloween cookie cutters were less than $2 for a pack of six.  Oh-- and, we put the thicker side in the glue so it would make a larger print-- not the side a person would use to cut out a cookie, FYI.)

After they dried, and I sprayed them with hairspray, (because I thought I read on Silly Eagle once that hairspray is supposed to help contain the glitter dandruff) I hung up them on the wall to make the house a little more spark-oooly. (That was supposed to be a cross between spooky and sparkly. Did you get it?)
Ugh! Glitter does not seem to photograph well from me, but despite that lame picture, I think they turned out great! That black glitter was something else-- I swear it multiplied as we used it! And, oh, does it shine!  The other one is supposed to be orange, but it glows a more iridescent greenish-gold for some reason. 

And there you have it-- what? Those two things had nothing to do with each other? Well! I never! Of course they did, remember? Halloween-ishness and making all your dreams come true! You're welcome ;)
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PS- I think you probably already know this, but we did the glitter on the trays so we could funnel it back into the bottle. It made the clean up MUCH easier and if you're like me and you don't have a funnel-- or you think you do, but you don't know where it is, paper works great too...
 Hmmm, it certainly looks orange there, doesn't it? Go figure.

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