Monday, September 24, 2012

When Picture Books Reflect Reality

I've got two boys, Bibs and Snoopy.  At two years apart they're the same height and Bibs has 20 lbs on Snoopy.  Even though Bibs is the BIGGER brother he isn't the big brother.  (I should mention Bibs is 5 and Snoopy is 7.)

A fact that Snoopy is sadly aware of.  So, when my librarian sister Bonnie found Big Little Brother -written by Kevin Kling, illustrated by Chris Monroe- she borrowed it for us and we all had a good laugh (well, everybody but Snoopy that is).

The books starts out...

It's my own fault.
I wanted a little brother.

It's pretty hilarious and all the more enjoyable to us because we can relate.

Have you ever picked up a book like that?  One that feels like it must have been written just for you/ your kids?
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