Thursday, September 6, 2012

To the Limit...

So, while I was packing everything, I came across our box of library books and realized I was going to have to return them all.  (And, find the ones that weren't in the box).  Here's a peek at my final returns to my old library...

No, you aren't seeing double, I really did have 2 HUGE bags stuffed to the gills with library books. (The polka dot one is one of Robyn's lovely library bags. She's so great!) 

You see, my library didn't have a limit! NO LIMIT! UNLIMITED BOOKS!! OH YEAH!!! Sorry, that was very cool for me, obviously.  How about you, does your library have a limit? If yes, what is it?  (Please be high, please be high.) I haven't been to my new library yet...I'm really hoping they don't have a limit either...what do you think my chances are?
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PS- It might also help for you to know that my old library's fines were pretty low too.  But, it didn't have an annual book sale and I know my new one does! Hooray!

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