Friday, September 21, 2012

Super Simple Snakes

This summer our story time lady did the cutest little activity that I have been meaning to share. I know, summer is pretty much long gone, but luckily it's not a seasonal activity, so it's still coming at ya! 

First she picked the theme of snakes. (I think one of the kids had mentioned it the week before actually.) As I'm sure you know there are TONS of great snake stories.  Here are a few I'm quite fond of...

To Bathe a Boa by C. Imbior Kudrna
Verdi by Jannell Cannon
Jimmy's crazy boa, including the day he ate the wash by Trinka Hakes Noble
And of course, Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll Walsh
After the stories, she had them make their own snakes in the most clever way!! Behold...
1- Three different colored strips of fleece knotted at one end.

2- Grown- up holds the knotted end while kiddo braids the strips.  The different colors make braiding much easier because you just do a, blue, polka, blue, polka dot (when you say a color you move it to the middle.)
3- When you near the end, pick a color to be the head, tuck the other two colors together and fold the head color over them.  Rubber band it in place.

4- Add some eyes and a tongue and you're in slither business! (Buttons would be super cute eyes I think.)

Seriously people, so easy! Moms loved it! Kids loved it! It was  a great day at the library! Thank you Miss Ann!

Before I go though, perhaps you're looking for more of a project as far as snakes go?  Lilac learned about snakes last year in school and her super cool teacher had the kids makes snakes out of ties. Yes, ties!  A bit more labor involved here, but pretty darn awesome...

Ssss-orry I'm fresh out of clever sss-nake puns for happy reading!

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