Monday, September 10, 2012

Peter's Long Walk

Here's a little gem I picked up at my library book sale last week...
Peter's Long Walk by Lee Kingman illustrated by Barbara Cooney, published by Doubleday in 1953.
I adore anything illustrated by Barbara Cooney.  In this sweet book we meet young Peter.
His life is filled with animals, with whom he works and plays.
He's a busy little boy but he longs to play with other children.  To make friends.  Peter's Mother reassures him he will soon be going to school in the village where he will make make many new playmates.  But before that can happen, he must turn five...

... on his fifth birthday he wishes he could find someone to play with him.  Sadly, he only blows out four of the five candles.  His mother tells him that his wish may still come true, but only if he makes it come true himself.
The morning after his fifth birthday Peter wakes up early (without telling his mother) he sets off to the village to go to school!  It's a long journey to the village and when he finally get's there he finds the school empty.  But not all is lost... it's an adorable little story.  Perfect for the little guy (girl) who longs for school but isn't quite there yet.
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