Tuesday, September 4, 2012

If you were on a deserted island...

Remember how I'm moving? Well, in sort of an odd situation, our things will be coming in a variety of loads (because our house hasn't sold yet, so we can still store stuff there.)  I was trying to pack the essential things...when I came to the books...hmmm...which ones should come first? So, it's not really a deserted island, but it made me wonder about which books are the must haves?

Here's a few of our picks, the girls and I that is, everyone got to put in their two cents.  Of course, it's a whole boxful so we have many more than this (thank goodness.)  I think I have labeled the box accurately enough, don't you?

By the time this posts, I'll know if it made it's way in the first load!  So, what books would be must be's in your first box? 

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