Friday, September 14, 2012

Hurry and the Monarch

Too bad I wasn't on the ball enough to post about this book when Robyn had all of her cool monarch stuff going up. How jealous of her are you by the way? I think I am going to plant milkweed. I wonder if I can buy seeds for it. I'm sure the garden store people are going to be beyond confused when I come in asking to buy a weed. Listen nursery worker, I want to  raise some butterflies--- is there anything wrong with that? I think not! Yes, I know I can get a kit, and I just might do that, but for now I'm looking for the real deal so hand over the milk weed!

Okay, imaginary garden store rant now over, I was just preparing myself.  So, the book?
written by Antoine O Flatharta  illustrated by Meilo So

Hurry and the Monarch shares the story of monarch migration as seen through the eyes of an old tortoise.  I like the fact that you see the life cycle of the butterfly in a factual sense, but you also see how rushed and strange the flighty insects seem to a slow and steady land animal. 
But what really gets me about this book is the art! Oh, how I love it!! Watercolors just make my heart sing!! I haven't seen Meilo So's work before.  I went to her site and it appears she has illustrated a handful of other things, more on those in the future hopefully. For now, more of this beauty...
   Really, I cannot get enough of these illustrations! Did I mention that? Did I say I have a thing for watercolors? So, so lovely! (And her last name is even So...So's not just so-so!  She's So WHOA! Ok, enough silliness.) Back to the art.
I never know if the photos are doing the illustrations justice?  Are you enchanted? Does it make you want rush down to Texas right now so you can stare up into a sky filled with butterflies? 'Cuz that's what I'm getting here.      
Maybe if I can't get the milkweed I'd settle for a tortoise for now, my grandkids could inherit it.
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