Thursday, September 20, 2012

How Do Dinosaurs?

Hi!  How do you all feel about me fast forwarding to the Holiday Season?  Uh Oh... I know, the last thing we need to be talking about is the holidays when it's still September.  I tried to read these books to Bibs right after I got them, he THREW A FIT- apparently we are NOT to read holiday books before the holiday season.  (I did read the Chanukah one to him though- he let me since he's not in the know about that holiday... I sure tricked him!)  

All that aside, I wanted to give my book loving friends in the world a heads up about the recent release of How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas? & How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah?.  When Scholastic sent these to me I was thrilled!  We LOVE Jane Yolen & Mark Teague!  We LOVE this series of books!  We LOVE holidays!  That's a LOT of love.  
Both are fantastic!  I can't think of a better couple of books to gift to a 2-5 year old son, daughter, niece, nephew or friend in the upcoming months.  They are silly, funny, beautifully illustrated, featuring awesome dinosaurs,  about the most wonderful time of the year... there's nothing more a person could ask for!

Ok Ok... let's get back to enjoying the beginning of fall... but keep these books in mind because you KNOW that the holidays will be upon us before long.
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