Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Do your books get to go on vacation?

So, I meant to post about this topic during the summer when I was taking an actual trip and packing actual books alongside all our other travel paraphernalia, but I didn't (because I was packing, which-- I'm sure you know-- is like some sort of vortex that sucks you in, consumes all your time and energy and somehow scatters every item you own so that when you actually go to put an item in the bag it's nowhere to be found.)

Anyway this summer, we were going on a long trip (in the car) so we happened to be taking a lot of books with us-- like more than 20.  I know it was more than 20 because I counted and said we should take some out and Lilac literally started crying and offered to take fewer clothes if she could keep all the books she'd chosen for the trip.

That little bit of wackiness got me wondering, do other people take books on vacation? And the question was still in the back of my mind when Vanessa and I got on the topic the other day.  She commented that anthologies are good to take on vacations, and asked if she was the only person who packs books.  So, now I've really got to know? Is it just Vanessa and I?  Do you take your books on vacation too? If so, here are a few questions for you:

1- How many do you take? (Plane rides obviously differ from car rides, but ball park it for me.)
I like to make it a number I can easily remember, like something ending in a 0 or a 5, or a certain number per kid.  Do I sound totally crazy?

2- Do you ever take library books on vacation? 
I'm asking because I have before and it just seems like such a bad idea, right? I mean 'hello fines for lost books.' (I've never lost one on vacation btw).  I've just got to know if other people are as dumb as I am.

3-What's your system? Wanna share any tips you might have? 
I like to do one specific place for all the books (like a clear plastic tote, or one bag or something). On our long trip this summer, I made the car sort of like the library and at all our different stops the kids could pick a book or 2 to take out, but they had to put those back in the car before they took out another. We didn't loose a single book FYI.
4-Have you tried any of the children's books e-reader options for vacation?
I have a feeling this is another post in and of itself, but let me say that we checked out the e-reader version of a few chapter books for a plane trip we took earlier in the year and Lilac had plenty to read in one nice compact place. It worked perfectly.

Now then, Vanessa has some actual useful ideas on this topic.  Pop over and check out her post traveling with kid's books.

And, this is going to sound completely odd, but I actually have more thoughts on books and vacations (I know, something is seriously wrong with me).  Don't worry I'll spare you today and save it for another post.  So, stay tuned or beware (which ever you feel is more appropriate.)

Happy reading, happy vacationing, happy reading on vacation!
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