Monday, September 17, 2012


So, I'm sure you've noticed we have a little thing for ampersands around here. I mean, they show up occasionally. Like, there was the borax crystal ampersand...

The ampersand-cakes...

And then we have just the one or two (or hundreds of others) you see around the blog. Ampersands, they're the new black! But seriously, I'm sure you've wondered what's up with them, right? 

I'm sure, Brooke, who did our blog design is fairly curious.  Imagine if you will, that you spend your day creating sleek and trendy backgrounds for cute, hip bloggers and then some crazy people start asking you if you can fill their site with ampersands.  It must have been a weird day for her.  But, here's the thing, I kind of love it & I think Robyn does too.  So, you should know why.

Drum roll...

That's how Robyn writes 'and.'

Really, it is. She does it all the time. And, back in college, I thought it was pretty cool so I asked her to teach me how.  (If I recall correctly it was during an afternoon math class that was a bit light on the hands on stuff and a bit heavy on lecturing.) Anyway, when we were trying to think of a name for our blog, I said if we had an 'and' in the title we had to use an & because they always reminded me of entire blog designed around &

& that's it-- I know, pretty deep stuff around here.
Happy reading!
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