Friday, August 3, 2012

We're too hot!

Okay, we have a completely boiled over here at my house.  The other morning Cuteness asked me for a popsicle before I even got her out of the crib.  It's hot people! (By the way, in case you have a problem with popsicles for breakfast, here's a viable option.)  Anyway, today I'm gonna share some cooling off books and ideas. So, move the computer over the AC vent and read away!

Lemonade is the official cool off drink of summer, right? Here we have the Pinkalicous take on a lemonade stand. I like this one because she even shares with her brother in the end, which is rare for Pinkalicious.

Here are my kiddos showing you one of the best water toys ever! Berry containers! Seriously, they are so fun to play with. Fill 'em with water...make showers...get your sisters wet...hope that mom didn't see you do that. They're the best!

I wish we could cool off by going to the beach, but since it's too far we'll settle for a simple rhyming book about a day at the beach. Sweet sunshiny illustrations in this one. (Oh, there are a few books with this same name, FYI, not all the same book.)

Did you know today is Watermelon Day? (Really, my friend has 2 calendars telling her this.) We are serious watermelon eaters around here, so this tutorial was an awesome find. Thank you Our Best Bites for this time saver!  I will say this though, I miss seeds in watermelon. Sitting in the shade eating a big ole piece of watermelon and spitting seeds while juice dribbles down your chin? Now that's summer!

This last book just makes me smile. The rhyming, the cute illustrations, the silly solutions they come up with. I love it!  I wanna go to the lake in the rattletrap car too!

Happy reading and keep cool!
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