Monday, August 27, 2012

Tunnels Series

I don't know about anyone else... but as for me, I read as an escape.  And if that escape is into a world of complete fantasy, sci-fi, mystery or horror- all the better.  (Side note: I read YA books all the time- I'm just drawn to them... I guess I'm just a kid at heart.)

Back in 2008 Trapper heard a story on NPR about a brand new debut novel co-written by a couple of friends and first time novelists Gordon & Williams.  The book was titled Tunnels .  Set in London, it began the story of teenage Will discovering a world underneath his own after his father suddenly disappears one day.  The first book was a little difficult to read... but it hooked me nonetheless.  Full of adventure, intrigue, evil, drama, death and major twists.  I've continued with the series as books have been released.  Number three Freefall almost lost me.  It just felt like the story was getting SO convoluted.  But I must say Closer & Spiral reeled me right back in.  They are exciting and both of them started tying in a few loose ends- which I appreciated.  
I live next door to Trapper's 86yr old Grandmother.  She is a BIG reader.  She's not necessarily a fan of fantasy but she's enjoyed reading these books as well.  The idea of a society of people living underneath us 'topsoilers' appealed to her and I LOVE that she's read them!  

Spiral came out in the US earlier this year... there will be one more book in the series before the story is completed.  These books are available in the scholastic book orders, so if your flipping through the order or browsing the book fair this school year you'll know what these books are about.  I've really enjoyed them!  If you're wondering, this series is recommended for ages 10 and up.

What kind of books do you read?  Are you a book geek like me?  Have you gone the way of the e-book?  Or do you still like to read the old fashioned way?  I'm hanging on to the good old days when it comes to reading...
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