Monday, August 6, 2012

The Paper Princess

I thought this title sounded interesting. We love princess stories (three little girls around here after all) and I'm crazy for The Paper Bag Princess so I thought this might be a good pick. So, I brought it home from the library and it was a hit!

Briefly, it's about a little girl that makes herself a princess paper doll, but before she can play with it, the wind blows the doll away. The story follows the princess on her journey to get back to the little girl.

While my girls like the story best, I happen to have a thing for the art...
Gorgeous, yes? Okay, so have you ever read a book a then instantly known how your child would respond to that same book? After reading this I knew that creating a paper princess would be in our immediate future!

And, on our last trip to the library, Lilac found a sequel so I predict there are more papery princess adventures in our future.

Happy reading!
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