Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Adventures of Fifi & Noni

You may remember earlier this year I reviewed a gorgeous book called Last Night I Swam with a Mermaid.  Well, at the time I mentioned that the author, Kimberly Muller, had another book, but I didn't have the details yet.  Guess what? It's now available on Amazon and I've got a copy here so I can tell you all about it! (Yay!)
In The Adventures of Fifi & Noni Kimberly Muller delivers another unique and creative story.  Her books are magical and whimsical and she writes about fantasies that children can only dream about.  But, the books aren't just for fun, there's a message too.  I like the fact that she writes about strong female characters (she does have 3 daughters after all).
In this book we meet the vivacious Fifi who has flowing red locks that make her stand out, but sometimes not in the way she'd like to. After a particularly hard day of teasing Fifi is distraught and wishes she could simply blend in. Exhausted, she falls asleep alongside her little brother.
Of course that's when the adventure begins.  Fifi and Noni travel to a magical land and make a new friend, Llamaroo.  He's deep and poetic and with his help Fifi discovers that being different is what makes a person special.  In fact, on their adventure her bright hair even saves the day!
As you can see, the art has a colorful and childlike feeling. This time Muller has paired up with illustrator Chad Attie who really brings the story to life in a whimsical way.  And, my kids' favorite part? The book is filled with snow globes! Fifi has a snow globe collection in her room, the front and back covers are lined with pictures of tons of different snow globe scenes, and to top that all off, the adventure with Llamaroo takes place inside snow globes. What kid hasn't imagined they could jump inside the glowing, glittery world of a snow globe? It really is an enchanting idea!  
Happy reading!
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