Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Somewhere to put all these books...

So, those of you who hang out at the same blogs as Robyn and I may have noticed a distinct drop off in my commenting and general 'with-it-ness" as of late.  For example, Robyn won a giveaway over at Michelle's blog and  I didn't even know she had a giveaway going on...that's how out of it I am people, my free-stuff-o-meter isn't even going off!  Sad.

Anyway, the reason for my increased level of scatter-brained behavior is because my husband got a new job and so we are moving! Exciting, a little scary, adventuresome and crazy? Check. Check. Check, and check! 

But, I'm moving to a rental  which means less room, less built ins, and less ability to screw things to the wall, like my front facing bookshelves. And, I gotta lotta books. So, where am I going to put all of them?  Are any of you in close quarters?  Have any creative ideas for storing all your books? (And the rest of your stuff for that matter.) Please share! 
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PS- Moving and such will likely put a kink in my blogging as well...like once it takes place, who knows when I will have my lifeline the internet?  Which means Robyn is taking charge for a bit and I will hopefully have a few things ready to post here and there.

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