Friday, August 24, 2012

Nicola L. Robinson

On Monday I introduced you to The Monster Machine by Nicola L. Robinson.  This is the first children's book she has ever written.  It's wonderful and I do hope she writes many more!  The winner of our Monster Machine giveaway is Kate Stevenson Desmond.  Thanks to everyone who entered!
Before I depart from this book though I want to give you all a look at the actual monster machine.  Isn't that incredibly fantastic and imaginative?
And now I want you to see some other illustrations by Nicola.  I borrowed everything shown today from her blog.  You can see more at her website as well.  She doesn't yet have a shop open to sell prints, but I hope she does soon.  I really love her work.  I mean LOOK AT THIS DRAGON!

I wish I could get a print of this piece!  I have a nephew that was born earlier this month and there's been much talk about his birth taking place during the year of the dragon.  His small nursery has even been decorated with this in mind.

Here we have Beauty and the Beast.  I love this version of Beast!  Just today you can see the color version here.

And this is VERY funny!
I had a hard time deciding what to show today.  Wonderful artwork!  Don't you agree?

Another big Congratulations to Kate!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.
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