Friday, August 17, 2012

Feather Collecting part 2

These first three photos were taken yesterday.  We have several large flocks of wild turkeys that roam around our small town.  When we got home from errands there were about 16 in our yard.  The boys LOVE it when the wild turkeys stop by to visit!  (In hopes they'll drop feathers... we're feather collectors.  Remember?)  Guess what?, as they flew over the garden into the pasture one feather was left :) HOORAY!

So yeah... we're onto feather book number two.  The original one (seen here) is COMPLETELY full.  Volume two had to be made (which is nearly full after 3 days!)  These kids are SERIOUS about their feather collecting!
With all this feather mania going on you can just imagine how THRILLED I was to find a vintage copy of Audubon's Birds by Roberta Sewal, illustrated by J. J. Audubon in the mystery books pack I won from VBMKL.  I've been reading it aloud to the boys.  We read about 2 or 3 birds each night before bed.  It's really interesting and perfect timing since they're so intrigued by birds and feathers recently!  (Side note... it's actually two books in one, when flipped over it's Audubon's Animals- we're excited to read that part when we finish with the birds section.)
Here we have Wild Turkey Gobbler.  We've got LOTS of wild turkey feathers, one of the small ones taped on was the one they found yesterday during the turkey visit.
While visiting my sister in NY two weeks ago I found several Catbird feathers, it made us really happy to see Catbirds included in this book!  (We don't have Catbirds around here.)
Do you remember when I asked if anyone wanted to send us Blue Jay feathers?  My sister in NY pulled through on that request.  I just love them!  SO BEAUTIFUL!  Snoopy was excited to compare the feathers to Audubon's illustration, it's easy to see our feathers come from the blue jay's tail.
I just love it when the perfect book comes into your life at the perfect time. 
 Life is good.  
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