Thursday, August 16, 2012

Craft Lake City Wrap-Up

I said I wasn't going to do anymore Craft Lake City posts... but by request here's a little wrap-up of the event.

Here's a pic our booth at the beginning of the day.  That's my little sis Bonnie.  She was with me for all 12 hours of the fair.  She's the best (and she's told me that she likes when I talk about her on the blog... so she's going to LOVE today's post).
Also, FYI she's my embroidery artist.  I made all the critters but she created the faces and stitched them in... no patterns or anything.  Free hand genius embroiderer here folks.  Be impressed.  I am.
Here we are eight hours after the fair opened... can you tell quite a bit of inventory had moved by this point?   It was a great day!
things I learned...
  • People LOVE bunnies.  I didn't even ever show my silly little bunnies on the blog but they were the most popular item for sale, hands down.  And they are simple, cheap and quick to make.
  • I should have made more sting rays!  Those sold out SUPER fast.
  • Bags are a saturated product.  Everyone sells bags.  Even with free books as an incentive to buy I didn't sell but one.  I probably over priced them... but I didn't want to sell them super cheap either.  I'm not upset about it, just made me think for future stuff like this. 
  • The cat nip mice were a great idea!  We sold LOTS and it was great to bring in people who don't have children.  Next time I need to make doggy toys too I think.  People LOVE spoiling their pets!  
  • The shade umbrella SAVED our lives!  I'm SO SO SO glad we brought it.  
  • Lastly, it wouldn't have been half as fun without my sister!
So there you have it!  And I'll be back to posting about books tomorrow!
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PS I know we've already got a giveaway going on... but why not throw in a little something extra?  The first person who can correctly identify this adorable little guy can choose something from the left over inventory (a library bag, cat fish, snake, cat nip mouse or shark) and I'll send it to you just for fun!

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