Thursday, August 9, 2012

Craft Lake City (part 4)

This is my last post about Craft Lake City stuff and my silly booth.  I promise!

Of course I'm selling fish and fishy stuff... and of course every time I make anything that fits in this category Snoopy gets all mopey and wonders why I would try and sell stuff that HE WOULD LOVE MORE THAN ANY OTHER KID IN THE UNIVERSE (which is true, no one else in the universe would ever love any of the fishy stuff I make more than this kid does) don't worry, I've ensured all of my children that when I come home with lots of inventory (which I'm sure I will) they can choose some for themselves.

So, we've got sharks!

We've got flat fish, cat fish, minnows and rays!

And eels too (or snakes if you prefer, I'm flexible).
That's a sampling of the ocean life I'll be selling... I know my kids love it and that's making me think there may (just may) be a few other tykes out there who'll love it too.  We'll see on Saturday!  Wish me luck :) and come stop by if you're in the area.  (Craft Lake CitySalt Lake City’s 4th Annual Craft Lake City festival will take place August 11, 2012, from Noon – 10pm at the Gallivan Center.  239 South Main Street  Salt Lake City, UT 84111)
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