Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blue Sky

Blue Sky is a book by Audrey Wood, which I heard she wrote to encourage kids to look up at the sky.  I don't know about yours, but my kids love pretty much everything they see in the sky as evidenced in this post about the moon, this post about clouds, and there was that whole rainbow-palooza post too. 

So yes, they are constantly shouting for me to look at something in the sky (quite often when I happen to be driving, which is mildly inconvenient to the whole sky appreciation thing.)  Anyway, I thought this was a book they might enjoy.
When I received the book I was delighted with all the color.  It is filled with chalk-like drawings of different skyscapes.  It doesn't just feature your typical blue sky (don't be fooled by the title.)  The bold, creative art is paired with simple text.  Each page contains only a two word description of the scene shown and the text is incorporated right into the drawings.

Rainy, my four-year-old loves the book because she can 'read' the whole thing by looking at the pictures. She's smack in the middle of the pre-reading stage where she memorizes her favorite stuff and reads it to anyone who will listen. So, this book is perfect for her.

When I saw the book, I thought was, "We should do this too."  The drawings are imaginative and colorful and just a great jumping off point for kids to look up at the sky and create some art of their own.
As you can see they all enjoyed it, but it was by far Lilac who got the most involved in the drawings. I think if we'd had time she would have made her own version of every sky shown in the book.
 With an four-year-old extra happy about the book and an eight-year-old extra happy about the project, I was feeling like blue skies and rainbows myself! (Two kids extra happy at the same time?!? Score one for team mom!)

Happy reading and enjoy the sky!  
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PS- This book was sent to me for review purposes. The opinions shared above are my own. Images from the book are credited to the author and publisher.

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