Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tyrannosaurus Drip

In a prehistoric river in a prehistoric swamp,
Lived a herd of duckbill dinosaurs who liked to stand and chomp.
And they hooted. "Up with rivers!" and they hooted, "Up with reeds!"
And they hooted, "Up with bellyfuls of juicy water weeds!"

Now across the rushy river, on a hill the other side,
Lived a mean Tyrannosaurus with his grim and grisly bride.
And they shouted, "Up with hunting!" and they shouted, "Up with war!" 
And they shouted, "Up with bellyfuls of duckbill dinosaur!"

So I mentioned here that I had my sis Bonnie borrow all of the Julia Donaldson books from her gigantic library for me to read.  She lives an hour away from me, so her lucky husband got to hear all of the books she brought to me one afternoon as they drove north.  She and I both have a thing for reading aloud and we both have a thing for making up silly voices and we both have a thing for funny rhyming books... and she really really really has a thing for dinosaurs.  All that being said, Tyrannosaurus Drip was her favorite Julia book.  It's so silly and funny.  We both have a thing for silly and funny too.

And we shouted, "Up with reading!"  and we shouted, "Up with fun!"
And we shouted, "Up with silliness and laughter by the ton!"

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