Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Big Orange Splot

Hi everyone, big day here! I'm gonna share my favorite preschool painting activity with you-- like the one I would put on my resume as my favorite, employers want to know that kind of thing and all.  (Let's get real, I haven't met a painting activity that I didn't love, but if I had to say officially, this is the one I've always said.)

Wait! I'm getting ahead of myself, I have a book! The Big Orange Splotis a funky old book that is so fantastic.  You see, there's Mr. Plumbean who lives on a neat street where all the houses are the same and all the neighbors like it that way.   
But one day, no one knows why...splot! And it's big and orange! And the neighbors aren't happy!  They want Plumbean to he does...but not how they thought he would. It really is a perfect message about being true to yourself and it plays out in such a cool way in the book!  

Ok, so the splot, that brings us to my favorite activity.  It's called GOLF BALL PAINTING and it could not be more cool!  It's art and large motor skills!  It's abstract and it's fun! (I love it, remember?)  Here's what you need:

containers with tight fitting lids
balls (like ping pong balls--since they're light, golf balls, or those little spiky balls)
strips of paper, Rainy wanted our paper shaped like houses to go with the book
paint (I just used old egg cartons to hold the paint. The golf balls were a tight fit, I think ping pong balls are a bit smaller.)
 Just open the box and slip a piece of paper in. Then dip the ball in as  many paint colors as you like (turning it so you don't mix the colors) and drop it in the box. Put the lid on and SHAKE like crazy!  Yes, that's how you paint, you shake it! Fun, right?  We thought so...
Lilac wasn't home when we did this but Rainy (4) and Cuteness (2) had a blast!  You can re-dip the ball as many times as you like, or even add more than one ball at a time to the box, as long as you shake with a lid on, you're good!
There's a look at how some of our splot houses turned out. Oh, and what's that in the middle? Why that's Mr. Plumbean's house. Pretty cool right? 

Happy reading! -WHITNEY
PS- (Because I can't end without one).  Are you an elementary classroom teacher? I think it would be the most fun classroom activity to read this book and then give all the kids a basic house outline and let them redesign it to represent themselves! You'd learn a lot I bet.  

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