Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's a book...It's a bag...It's an upcycled wonder...

I saw these in a little souvenir shop-ish place and just thought they were one of the coolest things ever-- for sure the coolest thing in that shop. Hands down! I mean the book has become a bag-- and the strap is a tie and it's just so fun! 

Because I think they are awesome, you are about to be linked to everything you ever wanted to know about these bags.  (You're welcome-- or sorry, which ever fits.)

I looked all over the internet for these babies in the middle of the night with no luck.  I found this link if you want to buy something similar.  And, here's a link if you want to make your own.

Finally, this morning I called the store I saw them in. (Duh!)  They come from Karin Kitsch.  Then, because I was curious, I called another store that had some similar bags.   Those came from a company called Mugwump

There you have it. That's officially all I know kids.  Oh wait, I know they're so cute!
Happy reading! 
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PS- Excuse the bad pictures please.  I happened to be manning the 2 year old at the time I snapped these-- so concern for good lighting, nice composition, even clearness were taking a backseat to preventing a small tornado from shattering every glass knick-knack in it's path.  You know how it is.

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