Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A is for Annabelle

This is one of my most beloved books from childhood! 

I was at my parent's house recently and I was literally on a mission to find this book!

I just love it...because I loved it, you know?  I hope my girls will feel the same way!

If they do, I suppose that means I need to keep my eye out for 2 more copies.

Happy reading!
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PS- Do you love what she did there with X? Even though she came across the problem that all alphabet book writers face, the letter X, she just owned up to it in such and lovely way.

PPS- Oh my! Since the last time I checked, there are what appear to be new, revised copies available on Amazon as part of a Tasha Tudor Collection. Hooray! Turns out I don't have to search so far for my other 2 copies.

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