Monday, July 30, 2012

Hooray for the little guy!

Hi everyone. I promise will not spend an entire paragraph or two reeling over the fact that it is the end of July! What!?! Seriously, can you believe that? Okay, got that out of my system. Now then, today I'm gonna round up our Julia Donaldson reviews with a couple of books where the little guy saves the day.
First off we've got What the Ladybug Heard. This book takes place on a noisy farm where the only quiet critter is a little ladybug.  Luckily she's quiet enough to eavesdrop on two thugs who have hatched a plan to steal the prize cow. But, the ladybug won't stand for that! She enlists the farm animals in a clever plot to stop the thieves. It's filled with cute rhyming and animal sound fun.
The other little hero I'm cheering for today is from The Snail and the Whale.  It's a rhyming book too and for this one Julia has paired up with her Gruffalo illustrator, Axel Scheffler. This story has a similar feel to William Steig's Amos & Boris, with the whale being rescued.  The thing I like about this one is that in the end the friends stay together.

Tiny heroes are perfect for tiny kiddos, don't you think?
Bigger isn't always better.  Happy reading!
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