Monday, July 16, 2012

The Gruffalo

Are you on board with all the frenzy and fun accompanying The Gruffalo ?  I absolutely know this is nothing new- I mean the original book came out nearly 15 years ago, Gruffalo's Child about five years later and then the movie back in 2009.  This post is not about new hype... it's simply celebrating when a children's picture book becomes HUGE.  I LOVE when that happens!  YEA READING!  YEA KIDS LIT!  Yea cool authors and illustrators getting so much recognition!  I think that's SO COOL!

In case you haven't heard about The Gruffalo , I'll tell you this...  It's been a go to story in my house for years.  It's fantastic rhyming.  It's full of quick wit and thoughtfulness from the little guy.  It's clever.  It's SUPER fun to read aloud (you know making up voices for all the characters).  It's a fantastic book.  And the sequel is great too.
Here's where I send you to the official Gruffalo Site- tons of fun stuff here (games for the kids and all that).

Then there's the Gruffalo Shop, where you can buy anything Gruffalo imaginable.  It's CRAZY what you can buy!  I mean, your kid wants to be the Gruffalo for halloween?  Sure thing, just buy the costume at the Gruffalo shop!  HA!

Last fall a cousin of mine asked if I'd seen the movie of The Gruffalo yet.  That was actually the first I'd heard of it.  Right away I got my hands on a copy and we watched it for family night.  SO CUTE!  (Thanks Paige for cluing me in on that one!)  My kids loved it too!  Here's the trailer in case your late on this one like I was.

And here we have Julia Donaldson's official website.  She has written SO MANY books.  Honestly, I had no idea.  I had my sis check out everything available at the SLC public library.  They only had a fraction of her stuff, I'm thinking her books may be more widely available over in the UK?  I did get quite a few and there's some really fun stuff!  Whit & I will be sharing some favorites we've found in the next couple of weeks.  (Last fall I posted here about Room on the Broom , which is one of my all time favorite Halloween books.)

Here's to The Gruffalo!
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