Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Get a FREE book, just for reading!!

Near the beginning of the summer  I was at Barnes and Noble and I happened to notice thier summer reading incentive program.  It's called Imagination's Destination.  It's for kids in 1st through 6th grade and here's the deal (with a little Vanna White action from Lilac.)
1- You pick up one of their little 'journals' or print off a PDF of it.
2- Read any 8 books and record the titles and who you'd recommend each book to in the journal.
3- Turn it in at your B&N store and pick out a FREE book from the list for your grade level.
Sorry, I had to share a picture of her journal because look at her second recommendation.  "I would recommend this book to Robyn because she has a blog about books." I thought that was seriously cute.  Anyway, the books you can choose from are also listed on the journal page so you have plenty of time to ponder and analyze and change your mind several times before turning the journal in (I'm not saying that happened here or anything.)\
And there she is, enjoying the fruits of her labor. Like the sweatbands? They were a must have fashion item for a couple days there.  Book in hand, happy Lilac!  I'm sorry I didn't get this post out sooner, but the journals can be turned in until September 4th.  That is plenty of time to read eight books!

Also, apparently at each store, the journals that have been turned in will be put in a drawing and the winner will get an autographed book or something! The clerk at our store didn't have the details, but both Lilac and I got kind of excited over this!  I hope it's a cool book and we, I mean she, wins it at our branch!!
Happy reading!
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PS- Just in case,  here is a link the B&N site.  If you have more questions, I'm thinking you could call your local store.

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