Friday, July 13, 2012

Amelia Earhart

Near the end of the school year, Lilac (8) learned a little bit about Amelia Earhart. BAM! She was hooked.  People, I cannot tell you, it was a sudden obsession! We have been trying to find out everything we can about Amelia Earhart. Everything!

So, one day when I was searching for more Amelia, I discovered that DK Publishing had an Amelia Earhart photo biography.  Yes, PHOTO!  I was very intrigued so I contacted them to make sure I was reading that correctly.  Guess what, I was! And, they were able to send me a review copy!
Major excitement around here when we heard this news!  When the book arrived we discovered two things: 1) It was chuck full of photos!  Beyond what I imagined and super exciting for my future aviator! 2) The reading level of this book is for an older kid.

I was a little nervous at first, thinking it might be over Lilac's head. As we began reading, however, I put all my worries behind me. She was captivated by it.  Yes, there were times when I had to explain things a bit, but she was still eager to hear more each time we picked up the book.
Before I go on, I feel like I should clarify.  I am not suggesting that the book is written at a third grade level while it claims to be for middle school kids. Nor am I recommending that you should run out and get a non-fiction chapter book to read aloud with your elementary school child. We had a successful experience because Lilac is completely entranced by this subject.  But, that's not the only reason we've enjoyed this book. 

The author, Tanya Lee Stone, clearly did her homework. The book gives you all the details you need to be ensconced in the story of Amelia's life.  I was also particularly interested in the fact that it's not just a one-sided story.  It talks about how Amelia was perceived by others as well as what she had to say about her own challenges and accomplishments. In order to further help the reader in understanding Amelia's time, there are sidebars with additional info or definitions for unfamiliar terms as well as sections highlighting events from her day.
And oh! The amount of photos and artifacts! Seriously, fascinating! It includes photographs of her in every aspect of her life as well as pictures of newspaper articles, telegrams, advertisements, planes she flew, cars she drove, a pair of her goggles...the list goes on. It even includes a variety of photos and excerpts about other pilots who worked with or rivaled Earhart.

This book was certainly a winner at our house, and I really do think that if a seventh grader was assigned a report on Amelia Earhart, they couldn't go wrong with this book (and of course there are other biographies published by DK).  Even if your kids aren't ready for a biography, DK is a great direction to head for non-fiction books at early levels too.  I have shared my babies' love for their photo illustrated lift the flap books here and Robyn has blogged about their non-fiction picture books here and here.
As for Lilac, I think next we're gonna look into one of the books Amelia wrote herself, or we might delve deeper into the mystery of what really happened to Amelia. What fascinates your kids?
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PS- As this book was sent to me for review purposes, I take responsibility for all the opinions, and of course credit DK for all the images. 

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