Monday, June 25, 2012

Zoe Gets Ready

Do you all remember that I have three little girls? 



Sweet and adorable, right?  Of course!  But, can I just tell you one thing? Getting those sweet adorable little people dressed can be a nightmare.

A nightmare! 

I have friends with daughters that just politely comply to any outfit and hair choices the mother sees fits.  The mom actually picks an outfit for the daughter and she puts it on willingly and wears it all day.  This is not a routine I am familiar with (times three).  Really, how does this happen? What is being put in these children's cereal and where can I get some? 

I have experienced the gamut of clothing drama-- every extreme you can imagine.  One of my kids would not wear a pair of pants once because they were too Nike!  Seriously, too Nike...who knows?

I could probably have an entire blog just dedicated to the clothing dramas that occur in this house, but lucky for you, this is not a clothing drama blog, its a book blog.  And I just happened to find out about a book that I can totally relate to...

 I came across a little info about Zoe Gets Ready and was super excited when I received it as a review book.  It's by Bethanie Deeney Murguia who works wonders with watercolors. (I just love a good water color illustration!) 

In this book, we obviously meet Zoe as she is getting ready for the day.  She's having some trouble though, she doesn't know how to dress because she doesn't know what kind of day it will be.  

It could be a pocket day, for holding treasures.

It might be a stand-out day.

And there's always a chance it will be a twirling day.

I never know if the intsagrams will do the art justice, but as I said-- Marguia has got a way with watercolor. And, that whimsy is paired with simple, playful text.  It was requested for an immediate re-read by my four year old, which was fine by me because I think it's pretty darn cute!  (The author has another book, which I am definitely going to look for called Buglette, the Messy Sleeper.)

In the end, after much 'hurry up-ing' from her mother, Zoe decides it's best to be prepared for anything...

And the mother's response has got to be one of my favorite parts of the whole entire book...

Absolutely perfect, right down to the younger sister slung under mom's arm almost football style. This lady and I could obviously start a support group called, "Yes I let my child wear that in public because I didn't want to fight them anymore" annonymous.  Do any of you want to join?

Happy reading, and good luck getting your children dressed!
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PS- As I said, this book was sent to me for review purposes. Images, as always, are credited to the illustrator and publisher and are just shared by me to let you all in on the fun.  All opinions expressed were my own (even the ones about my kids being a nightmare to get dressed.)  

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