Thursday, June 21, 2012

What's in a name?

I wonder...
Is there a name in existence a parent can give a child which is immune to teasing?  Is it a universal part of childhood to have your name made fun of? Or is it just those of us whom have names with double meanings or unfortunate rhyming possibilities that get teased?  Is there anyone in the world who has NEVER been teased about their name?

I used to get teased sometimes.  You remember the Jingle Bells parody?

Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg!  (insert laughter and pointing fingers)

Then there was the kid on the bus who ALWAYS called me Robin Poo.  Because Robin's Poo.  Clever?  no.

The bird teasing was the biggie for me.  It didn't help to tell the teasers "My name isn't even spelled with an 'i' like the bird".  Elementary school kids aren't concerned with the spelling of things I guess.

My husbands name is Trapper.  As you can guess he got teased all the time.  I mean we were both born in 1980... hello hey day of the trapper keeper folders!  In fact he still gets teased sometimes... people say "Is that your real name?!?"  yes.

My mama hates her given name, primarily because of all the childhood teasing.  Her name is Janice.  Kids called her Jan'ass'.  I'm pretty sure she'll never get over that.  She goes by Jan.

Have you met Chrysanthemum?  Her parents wanted to give her the absolutely perfect name.  A name that entailed everything that she 'is'.  And when she got old enough to appreciate it she LOVED her name...
... that is until the teasing set in.

"It's so long."
"You're named after a flower!"
"Let's pick her"
"Let's smell her"
"A chrysanthemum is a flower.  It lives in a garden with worms and other dirty things."
School's a bummer for this little mouse.  Until Mrs. Twinkle comes along that is.

How come kids can be so cruel to each other?

Do you have any experience with name teasing?  I have a son I'm worried will get teased about his name.  And he's the type who'll fight back... so I'm pretty worried about that too.

What's in a name?
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