Friday, June 15, 2012

That all depends on how you look at it...

Have you ever noticed how with kids, when one thing goes wrong, suddenly the whole day is bad? Perhaps they stub their toe, or spill their milk and suddenly every woe from the entire day-- maybe even the entire week resurfaces? (Is this just my children? I hope for your sake it is.) 

You may remember I have been known to use books as a persuasive measure to try and change behavior. (That's how book lovers parent I guess.) In this spirit, here is a group of books that show things can change for the better and that one small bit of misfortune doesn't have to mean a rotten day...

That's Good, That's Bad shows us a series of events that occur as a little boy is at the zoo with his family. The things that look bad turn out being good and vice versa.  It is especially fun the read this with Rainy (4) because she is always convinced that the book is wrong.  She just sits there perplexed, how could something that looked bad can actually be good. (And look, Bibs and Snoopy came over to read it with us!! I wish!! I forgot to get this one when were at the library and Robyn just happens to own a copy so she helped me out.)

A Good Day is a Kevin Henkes book, illustrated in what I call his "non-mouse" style. This book gives readers a look at a day that appears to be going poorly for all the characters, but in the end things take a turn for the better for each of them. Cute, simple and available as a board book as well. (I love when that happens.)

Fortunately is probably the original book on this topic.  It's the same idea as That's Good! That's Bad! but it uses the words fortunately and unfortunately.The 'fortunate' pages are illustrated in color and the 'unfortunates' are black and white, which is a cute touch.  Lilac really loves this one, I think partly because it ends in a birthday party.  If your kids like That's Good! That's Bad! you really should check this one out.

The Rain Came Down here we get to see David Shannon's take on the bad day turned good.  I love this one because it uses weather to reflect the moodiness. When the sky is storming, so are the tempers.  When the sun comes back out, so do the smiles. Very cute, who doesn't love David Shannon? (As you can see the little fairy that was flitting round my house just loves this book.)

Once Around the Block is another Kevin Henkes book. (Different illustrator here, the pictures actually remind me a lot of James Marshall's books.) This one takes us around the block with bored and disappointed Annie.  She's down in the dumps and she shares her troubles with each passerby.  When she finally arrives back at her own house, the events of the day don't seem so bad after all.  Have you ever sent you kids out to play because their moping around the house? If yes, then you can surely relate to this one.

There you have it, instead of a mood ring, they are mood books.  Happy reading and I hope you have a great day (even if a few little hiccups occur.)

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