Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thanking our Mail Carrier

So, one day on Pinterest while I was scanning and pinning (and likely wasting time) I glimpsed something about 50 acts of service with a picture of a thank you note in a mailbox.  I don't think I clicked or even pinned I just made a mental post-it, "Write a thank you note to our mail carrier," and I filed it away in the old noggin until I came across this book...

Good-bye, Curtis is book about a mailman who is retiring. On his last day all the people (and pets) on his route leave him notes and treats in their mailboxes.  This book is written by Kevin Henkes, but for some reason he used a different illustrator.  It okay though, because  I like all the little pictures surrounding the text,  it's almost like a rebus book.  Here you see Lilac reading it to her sisters.  So sweet!

Anyway, I thought this would be a perfect book to get the kids excited about writing to our mail carrier.  I made sure to explain that our mail carrier is not retiring, but since we love getting letters and packages so much, saying thank you seems like a good idea.  We also whipped up some brownies to stick in with the notes.

My kids were pumped!  They wanted to watch the mailbox all day to see if the mail carrier came and got the package.  Lilac wrote quite a long letter (as you see above.)  For some reason I didn't get a picture of Rainy's note but she mentioned things like how "packages make her has happy as everything!" Silly girl.

The next day when we went to check if the package had been picked up, we found a thank you note back! The kids could not have been more thrilled!  We are definitely going to be thanking someone else in the near future.  I wonder if you could thank the garbage man without the note ending up in trash end of the truck. the noggin that post-it goes.

Happy Reading!
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