Monday, June 4, 2012


Have you noticed people making summer bucket lists all over the place recently?  I have.  I stink at making lists.  I stink at being organized.  I stink at sticking to a plan.  (Unlike a certain Whitney I know who's super organized, it's a good thing one of us is.)  So, I'm not making a personalized Braegger family summer bucket list (who am I kidding... I don't even make grocery lists anymore).  I'm letting a book create my summer bucket list.  I intend for this to be the summer bucket list that will cover every summer for the rest of my life.  

Courtesy Summer by Alice Low illustrated by Roy McKie

eat the food that summer brings
ride fast
eat cold things (share with pup)
car ride
cool off in cold water
ride on swings
play in hay
catch things with wings
say hello to fish
a summer fair
garden fun
water each other
cook outside
catch fish
summer night inside a tent
play croquet
sand house on the shore
dig in sand
catch fireflies

I figure if I do 95% of the stuff on that list every summer for the rest of my life, I have some fabulous summers.  Though I won't be checking any of it off as we do it... I'll just enjoy the good stuff when it happens.  And I'm pretty confident it will.
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