Thursday, June 7, 2012

Security Blanket

I realize I'm always referring to every book as my favorite... but just because I have SO many favorites doesn't lessen the quality of each of these books individually.  

That being said Owen by Kevin Henkes is one of my FAVORITE books.  (It also happens to be a Caldecott Honor Book from 1994- as seen below on the cover.)
Why do I love it so much?
#1:  You can just tell Owen's a good kid, the kind of kid you'd want your own son to be.
#2:  I was a blanket kid.  Mine was named Byebee and I loved her with all of my heart and soul.
#3:  You know how I just said Owen's the kind of kid you'd want your own son to be, well my son practically is Owen.  (and he'd rather remain anonymous in this post)
His blanket isn't named Fuzzy like Owen's.  His blanket is named NuNu and it has been since he could form words.  My son LOVES NuNu.  And he doesn't like to talk about it.  And he DOESN"T like this book AT ALL.  I think all the similarities embarrass him, not the mention the ending mortifies him.  I won't share the ending with you (you'll have to read it on your own for that) but I will share the similarities.  It's astonishing, really.

Honestly, I'm just not the kind of mom who's worried about the fact that my son still loves his blanket.  I think it's sweet.  And if he's still sleeping with NuNu when he's sixteen, it's completely fine with me.  What's the big rush for growing out of these things and growing up?  I'm happy to embrace childhood for as long as it lasts.
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