Monday, June 11, 2012

Ode to Lilly

Have you met Lilly? She's Kevin Henkes' cowboy boot wearing creation! She's his favorite mouse and, she's got some serious spunk!!

Say you're being bullied (by some kids who are afraid of squirt guns and ferocious cat masks).  She's your gal...

She's not afraid to speak her mind. Loudly. Ever...

In a bind at your wedding when the flower girl gets stage fright? Never fear! Lilly is here!

She's also great with apologies...

It just hit me, she had to show up more than one time because her personality is much too big to be contained in one book! Love it!
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PS- Here's the run down.  We first meet Lilly in Chester's Way.  Next, she shows up in Julius, the Baby of the World.  Finally she becomes a headliner in Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse and then Lilly's Big Day.  You know what though, at some point she moved in near Wemberly because if you look in that book, you'll see Julius and Lilly trick-or-treating in Wemberly's neighborhood.  See, I told you, can't be contained in one book.   

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