Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The New Mouse on the Block...

I think, at this point, you are all pretty clear on the fact that I happen to be a fan of Kevin Henkes mice. I'm afraid even Robyn thinks I have overdone it on the mouse posts this month, but I have to do just this last one because I'm a little excited.

There is a new mouse people!!

New character, new funny parents, new chance to look for Lilly's cowboy boots in the books. Clearly this is cause for celebration! Break out the no frills cheese balls. (I am sincerely hoping at least one person will be familiar with this reference.  Here's a recipe.) 

And, as if a new character wasn't enough-- I think I spy a new format too! Good authors branching out with good characters. You gotta love that! Aronld Lobel has Frog and Toad, Mo Willems has Elephant and Piggie, and now Kevin Henkes has...

Penny and Her Song! I really think this is his way of breaking into the easy reader world. And, as we all know, that world can use a few more actual authors telling stories about well developed characters with real text (not just one CVC word jumble after another.)

It kinda makes me feel like grabbing my parasol and singing along with her.  Apparently she's coming back in August with her second book, Penny and Her Doll.  I have high expectations for it, and in my experience, a Henkes' mouse doesn't disappoint. 

Happy reading!
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