Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kevin Henkes gets BOARD with Mice...

Sorry for that lame title!  Anyway, I may have mentioned this a few times but I kind of love board books, like a lot!  And, when my favorite characters go board book I get super excited--wait, before we go on, let me clarify that. Sometimes picture books will become available in a board book version which is wonderful, but in this case I am talking about my favorite characters starring in new titles that are board books...

And, it turns out Kevin Henkes jumped on the 'board' wagon with a few of his mice. Hooray! You can buy the box set pictured above (called A Box of Treats: Five Little Picture Books about Lilly and Her Friends.) Amazon claims they are hardcover, but all the info I've seen on them says they are board books.  Plus...

I got these three from my library and they were indeed board books. They seem to have a seasonal/holdiayish vibe, but the only one (of these three) that specifically mentions a holiday is the Owen one (Easter). 

All three are cute and fine to read year round in my opinion. My girls  liked Wemberly's book (and frankly I wouldn't mind if they were a little more like her when it came to avoiding spilling on themselves.)

I love the surprising twist in the original Shelia Rae and this one has an ending that is just as cute.  Oh, board books...love 'em! Love 'em.  Weird right?  But, I do!

Happy reading!
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