Friday, June 1, 2012

Hey, hey, Henkes!!!

Hello June!  Here you are, though currently, in my neck of the woods, it appears you forgot the suitcase where you packed the nice weather-- hopefully it arrives soon, preferably express delivery! Anyway June, we have one of my most favorite authors to feature this month!  Seriously, one of my favorites, so how about a little sunshine for that, please? Okay, enough conversing with the calendar... 

This month = KEVIN HENKES!! I adore him!

I'm sure you are familiar with some of his characters, maybe...

or, perhaps..

I was just reading (in one of those books I like where there are lots of interviews with illustrators) that he published his first book before he had even graduated from college! Craziness, right? I mean when someone has got it, they've just got it I guess. 

He has really run the gamut in the children's literature world. He's published 46 books including everything from board books to novels.  He is most well known for his many mice books which we are very very big fans of over here at PP&PB. 

Here's a link to his site.  I's got videos of him in his studio, downloadable activities,  of course cute art, and even a Q&A,  Here's are some of his thoughts on the mice...

Q: If you had to sum up in one word the characteristic you most admire in each of your mice—Chester, Chrysanthemum, Lilly, Owen, Sheila Rae, Wendell, Sophie, and Wemberly—what words would you choose?

Sheila Rae:brave, of course

  Who's your favorite mouse?  I know who his is-- I'll tell you during the month.  (I read that too, in my cool book.) 

Seriously though, in my opinion, Kevin Henkes' superb ability to describe family life and illuminate realistic interactions between siblings, friends, parents and children, and even students and teachers is just amazing-- and (unlike this sentence) he does this stuff in an endearing and funny way.

Really, he is one funny guy, both in words and pictures...

We've blogged about several of his books already...
and then (in a totally different and award winning style of illustration...)

And, many more to come! Kevin Henkes month! Hooray!

Clearly an occasion like this is best celebrated by uniformed bunnies doing the air guitar, am I right? Happy reading! 
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