Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finding Feathers

We are fascinated by feathers at our house.  I don't know how many pretty feathers have been found and brought into the house as treasures over the past few years... but it's been a lot.  Then they get lost- or ruined.  A few weeks ago it came to me that we could make a feather book.  Ever since I mentioned it- the feather collecting has been on!

Here you see what we found in two weeks.  And of course the book I made to hold all our treasured feathers.  It's fancy (pieces of cardboard bound together using hemp).
I started out by sewing the feathers to the cardboard pages- then I remembered this activity was for my kids and I got out the scotch tape and let them take over attaching all the feathers.
 Snoopy had the job of labeling the feathers we were able to identify.  He's getting a little more confident with his inventive spelling, which makes the kindergarten teacher inside of me so so so so happy.

Part of the inspiration for this activity came from Birds by Kevin Henkes.  When Whitney chose to feature Henkes this month I knew I wanted to do something in line with this book, its absolutely wonderful and beautifully illustrated.
It also made my children long for some COLORED feathers to add to our book.  We didn't have much luck in this area.  Our feathers are mostly black, white & or brown.  Sadly here in Utah we don't have blue jays or cardinals.  We do have gold finches with bright yellow feathers but I haven't ever found one of their feathers lying around.  I've got a sister in New York who's sending a cardinal feather she found a while back... the kids CAN"T WAIT!  Have you got a blue jay feather you want to send our way?  Our book has plenty of room...  :)
 I'm excited to have a place to put all of our feather treasures and so are my kids.

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