Friday, June 8, 2012

Daddy tell me a story...

As we welcome summer back into our lives it's also time to celebrate all those dads out there.  Father's Day is coming up on the 17th!  So, just like we did for Mother's Day a little over a month ago we're bringing you a list of great picture books starring dads.  Look, we've even coerced our husbands (Trapper & Noah) into letting us snap some pics while they were reading these books to the kiddos!

What Daddies Do Best is the flip side of the book What Mommies Do Best (featured on our Mother's Day book list).  It's a sweet book, I love it. -Robyn

In Piglet and Papa, Piglet spends the day trying to find out who loves her.  She asks all the farm animals and they all tell her they love her, but not a much as someone else does... you guessed it. It's her Papa who loves her the most! -Whit

This is an awesome book about all kind of Animal Dads (hence the title).  There's great simple text you can read as a story, but each page also has more information about the animals.  It's really cool non-fiction.  -Robyn

What Dads Can't Do is the companion book to What Moms Can't Do which was on our Mother's Day list.  Here little dinosaur is back with funny things about dads, like: they can't cross the street without holding hands, and they can't see you hiding your lima beans at dinner.  Cute stuff! -Whit

My Father the Dog was introduced to me by some close friends.  You can see it has been well used and loved by their family.  The book shows all the commonalities between father and dog.  My favorite: "My father can lie around for hours.  He growls when you startle him out of a nap." -Robyn

I'm sure you've heard of Guess How Much I Love You.  It's a daddy classic with Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare trying to express their love to one another. As you can see we have the board book version (tiny book with a daddy and 2 girls crammed behind it = daddy cracking up.)  -Whit

 Just Me and My Dad is a book Trapper takes to read to the boys whenever they go on a camp out together.  I adore Mercer Mayer books. -Robyn

Tyrannosaurus Dad is a new book to me.  It is just what is sounds like-- the dad is a T-Rex.  Its funny and cute, and he ends up saving the day! -Whit

Daddy's Scratchy Face is all about facial hair.  Who has is, who doesn't, and what Daddy's can do with their facial hair.  (And it even tells about animals who grow beards and mustaches.)  It's super simple and adorable.  My two year old wants to read this cool concept book over and over and over.  -Robyn

The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish is a cool book that is written from the perspective of a kid and typed in what looks like the kid's writing. The dad goes through a series of swaps (all the while reading his paper and not even realizing what's happened).  It's pretty darn funny! -Whit

Now it's your turn.  What favorite books about Dads do we need to add to our weekly library list?  We'd love any recommendations you have!
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PS Recommendations for Father's Day gifts are welcome too!

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