Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cure Diabetes

I'm going in a different direction than our normal picture book posts today... I just can't get this topic out of my head.
For the past 7+ years we've lived in our current home.  Ever since we've lived here I've always watched hundreds of cyclists pedal past my house in a race I knew was called the "Tour de Cure."  All of those years and I never knew what cure they were biking for.

Then last November my son 'Snoopy' was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes.

It was a nightmare.  He got SO sick.  We didn't know what was wrong with him.  We didn't read the signs that his body was giving us (never ending thirst - frequent urination) by the time we took him to the ER his blood sugar was at 850+.  That's bad folks.  Normal blood sugar levels hang out between 80 & 120.

Snoopy got better, but still our life was turned upside down.  Suddenly we were thrown into a world of blood glucose monitors, pricking fingers, counting carbs, insulin shots, and so much more.  I was completely overwhelmed for a while, I'm much less overwhelmed by it all now.  People are amazingly able to adapt to change, it's a blessing.

So, now I know, all of those bikes going past my house one day in June each year were all cycling for a cure to Diabetes.  Two days before the race was scheduled this year we told Snoopy about it.  We told him that everyone who enters the race raises money in donations to be able to enter... and all of that money goes towards Diabetes research, searching for a cure.  He got really excited and surprised us by asking if he could ride too.

We looked into it.  There are several different lengths of race (the longest being 100 miles) the shortest was the 1 mile family race.  The trick was, to race Snoopy needed to raise some money.

In 24 hours, we were able to raise over $375 to donate thanks to generous family, friends and neighbors.  Snoopy and Trapper were both able to race together.

My eyes were filled with tears as I watched Snoopy peddle down the street.  Diabetes is not fun to live with, it gives me great hope to think there may be a cure at some point in his life.  Maybe.  Until then we'll be doing what we can to help.

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