Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bailey Goes Camping

Here's a cute Kevin Henkes book that was new to me.

In this story we meet Bailey and his two bunny scout siblings .(I kid you not, bunny scouts.  I'm not sure if they are affiliated with the same organization as Ruby and Louise, but they are, none the less: certified, uniform wearing bunny scouts.) There's a camp out coming up and they are super excited to go!

But little Bailey is too small to go along (and unlike Max, he actually has parents to watch him during the camp out.) He is just plain bummed.

Until, Mama points out that he can do can do camp out stuff right there at home...

I love the marshmallow picture especially.  So cute, right?  My two older girls are going on a camp out with daddy this weekend and so Cuteness and I will be doing the indoor camping thing (which is perfectly fine by me). 

We don't have a gas stove, but I make a mean microwave s'more if I do say so myself.  Oh-- and I nearly forgot about a few mini marshmallows stuck between two Chewy Chips Ahoy Cookies then wrapped in foil and baked in the oven. Mmmm, mmm! Who needs a tent?

Happy reading, and happy indoor s'mores!
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PS- If you're the extra chocolaty type like me, toss a few chocolate chips in with the mini marshmallows when you make that Chips Ahoy s'more. Oh yummy! 

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